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JagLyonz is an L.A. based DIY music collective of friends and sometimes band mates that formed in August, 2015.  Front man, Rob Houle, and bassist, Kate A.H. formerly of the duo, Before Dawn, are at the core of this rock and roll collaboration with Brett Aaron Davis on drums.  Other members weave in and out of the tapestry and currently include Jocelyn Scharoun, Kevin Ward and Trey Stafford.

The five song EP, “Paradoxes” is the first JagLyonz recording. It was recorded entirely in an RV park in Northern Los Angeles County.  The guitars and bass were tracked in Rob and Kate’s 21ft. travel trailer with the majority of the vocals being recorded there as well. For the song “Tonight We Ride Again,” they used the cab of their GMC Sierra as a vocal booth.  The drums were all recorded in secret in a found community space on the premises.

Rob and Kate’s DIY, found space approach to recording started like most things, out of necessity.  They prefer to have the control of recording themselves and lacked the budget for studio time.  They have discovered that the room you record in is like another band mate, it is an intrinsic element that informs the heart of the sound, feeling and texture of a recording. 

JagLyonz, “Paradoxes EP” encapsulates an era, or perhaps just a moment in time that is filled with themes of multiple paradoxes like struggle and hope, eviscerating self-doubt met with faith filled confidence, and self-prescribed ambivalence countered by overwhelming passion.  Ultimately every song is about survival and the human desire to move beyond, to thrive.  It is a small, only five songs, recording, recorded in the tiniest of spaces, with a massive stadium sized sound that manages to be incredibly raw and highly produced at the same time.  Paradoxes.

Support JagLyonz music and purchase their first, massively tiny EP, Paradoxes.  Buy one for yourself and a bunch more for all of your friends and feel good about supporting hardworking, local, underground musicians making new and original music!


Custom MIDI Controler used for mixing "Paradoxes"